[Online] Configure It Out: A Better Way To Manage Cloud Apps

Join Insight Digital Innovation and us online on Tuesday, September 22nd, at 6:00 PM. Product managers like the ability to change every little aspect of apps dynamically. Creating configuration systems from scratch can be time-consuming. And suppose your application employs a microservices architecture. In that case, you can increase the configuration complexity tenfold to account for intra-services communications. If your team is interested in building apps with flexible configuration, this session is for you!

Product Manager: We want to integrate our app with an external service to see their data in one place. We talked with their team, and it looks like we can get all the data we need from five endpoints.
Devs: Sure, this sounds easy enough! Do we have more details?
PM: Yes, these five endpoints are from three of their services, so that we will have three different URLs. They have three different environments UAT, staging, and prod, which we will query against in each phase of development. Each will have its own set of usernames and passwords. They throttle their endpoints, and those limits can change per our agreements. Hence, they mentioned having flexible wait/retry policies when hitting their services. I am discussing it more with the PMs of our existing services. We don’t know which internal triggers will be initially turned on/off. We initially want to roll this feature out to only a few customers with relatively less traffic, monitor their responses, and gradually roll out to other customers. I want to manage this and am hoping there is some UI that I can work with.
Devs: We might have spoken a little too soon when we said this would be easy. Creating configuration and feature management alone would take more effort than the actual API calls.

The meeting presenter is Sachin Pandit.

Sachin, an Azure consultant at Insight Digital Innovation, will walk us through one of Azure’s latest offerings – Azure App Configuration. Sachin is a software developer with over ten years of experience in building distributed applications and is currently in a team lead role at Insight. His primary focus is to provide best practices in cloud-native architecture to clients in and around the Charlotte region.

The meeting sponsor is Insight Digital Innovation.

Insight DI is a services firm specializing in Cloud Enablement, Data & AI, Intelligent Apps, IoT & Smart Edge, DevOps, Digital Strategy, and Transformational Services, providing services for companies globally.
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