[Online] Responsible App Tailoring: Creating Effective Architecture with Seams

Join us online on Tuesday, November 24th, at 6:00 PM. In 10 years of software development, Jamie rarely created or encountered the perfect design. He is continually growing and finding new techniques that constantly evolve his architecture.

Seams are places where you can alter behavior without editing any code consuming the behavior. Seams allow the architecture to evolve as the system grows by creating areas that can easily be changed.

In this talk, we will cover techniques and patterns to create seams in your architecture. We will start with how classes should interact with one another, progressing towards system integrations. Intended for developers of all experience levels, the techniques learned can be used immediately to create seams in applications effectively.

The meeting presenter is Jamie Phillips.

Jamie is a Senior Cloud Engineer and works remotely from East Tennessee. He has been programming professionally since 2007 after discovering software development in graduate school. His Geology degree has given him an appreciation for large systems and processes, which has created a keen interest in Solutions Architecture, DevOps, and the Cloud. During the day, he works on Windows, but at night he is all about Linux.

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