January Meeting: Introduction to Unity 3D

We have decided to cancel tonight’s meeting.

As you are likely aware, a winter storm is expected to come through the Charlotte-Mecklenburg area this afternoon/evening. We’ve been monitoring weather and road conditions throughout the morning to determine the best course of action. With safety at the forefront of our decision-making, we have decided to cancel tonight’s Guild meeting.

We will work to reschedule Matt Duffield’s Introduction to Unity 3D for a future monthly Guild meeting. Please be sure to join the new Guild mailing list for updates. Please be careful driving home and stay warm.

Best regards,

Bill Jones Jr., MVP
President and Co-Founder
Enterprise Developers Guild

Join us and Mindseeker on Tuesday, January 28, at 6:00 PM in the Multi-Purpose Room (MPR) of the Charlotte Microsoft Campus for a high level overview of Unity 3D and what it takes to build a simple game. With the release of Unity 4.3, you can now develop awesome games in 2D. Don’t worry; you can still use all of your awesome C# skills to develop your games. Unity allows developers to build really cool games and target pretty much every device and console that is available. Come out and see what it takes to build a game!

The meeting presenter is Matt Duffield.

Matt Duffield has over 15 years working in IT. He enjoys building rich user centric applications. Matt is very active in the community speaking at user groups and code camps. He is the leader of the Charlotte ALT.NET user group. He is an INETA speaker member and has been a Microsoft MVP in Client Application Development. He started working in .NET as soon as it was available to the development community and was also an early adopter of both WPF and Silverlight. He believes good business intelligence (BI) architecture is the formula for a successful software package that looks beyond just data and provides insightful information. He is the co-author of the book: Silverlight 5: Building Rich Enterprise Dashboards. You can read his blog at mattduffield.wordpress.com and follow him on Twitter at @mattduffield.

The meeting is sponsored by Mindseeker.

Mindseeker holds exciting opportunities with a variety of well-known and well respected clients in both the public and private sectors. We support a number of government agencies as well as companies that range in size from small start-ups to the Fortune 500. If you are actively on the job market or passively searching opportunities, please send us your resume and contact your local Mindseeker representative today. Learn more at www.mindseeker.com.

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