Special Event Announcement: Azure Partner Boot Camp‏

Join us on Saturday, September 6, starting at 8:00 AM at the Charlotte Microsoft Campus for a very special event. This free, engaging and informative learning session features an all-star line-up of speakers which includes Microsoft Azure Program Managers, Microsoft Azure technical experts, and Azure MVPs. This is an exciting way to learn about the business benefits of Azure, and also gain deep technical direction and tips from Microsoft, RDA, and Aditi cloud experts.

If you ever considered Microsoft Azure before, this is your chance to jump start your knowledge and transform those thoughts into actions! The event is designed to help technology leaders and cloud adopters learn how innovations within Microsoft Azure can transform their business strategy and create new revenue opportunities.

Key Takeaways

  1. Complete understanding on architectural concepts & patterns
  2. Learn to build cloud roadmap & cloud fit analyses
  3. Creating scalable and highly responsive Azure applications
  4. Optimizing resource management & securing virtual networks
  5. Talk 1:1 with the cloud experts about your questions and needs around Microsoft Azure


  • Microsoft Azure Program Managers
  • Azure technical experts
  • Azure MVPs

Who should attend?

  • Key decision makers
  • Developers
  • IT Operations

Event Sponsors

Microsoft Corporation
Aditi Technologies
RDA Corporation

To learn more and to register, please visit the event website at cltazurebootcamp.eventday.com.


Developer Community Newsletter: August Edition

Read the latest Guild news, events, and developer community announcements for August 2014: Business Apps using AngularJS, Azure Partner Boot Camp, & Blue Diamond Awards: Developer Community Newsletter: August Edition

August Meeting: Business Apps using AngularJS

Join us and Signature Consultants on Tuesday, August 26, at 6:00 PM in the Multi-Purpose Room (MPR) of the Charlotte Microsoft Campus. Who says writing Line of Business applications are a pain? Who says you can’t have compile-time exceptions? Gone are the days of slinging spaghetti JavaScript code in order to satisfy business requirements. We will look at what it takes to build a simple Line of Business application using TypeScript, HTML5, CSS3, and AngularJS. If you don’t know what TypeScript is but you do know JavaScript, look no further: JavaScript is TypeScript. TypeScript is a transpiler that provides a lot of syntactical sugar for developers but ultimately outputs JavaScript. We will also address designing our applications “mobile first” by using the popular framework Bootstrap. During this talk we will try to cover the following:

  • Project structure
  • Intro to AngularJS
  • AngularJS in a TypeScript world
  • Bootstrap 3, mobile first, and responsive web
  • Hosting your app with NodeJS and ExpressJS
  • Intro GulpJS for build automation
  • Intro to WebAPI for CRUD

This is just the tip of the iceberg but it should give you a good idea as to what it feels like building LOB apps.

The meeting presenter is Matt Duffield.

Matt Duffield has over 15 years working in IT. He enjoys building rich user centric applications. Matt is very active in the community speaking at user groups and code camps. He is the leader of the Charlotte ALT.NET user group. He is an INETA speaker member and has been a Microsoft MVP in Client Application Development. He started working in .NET as soon as it was available to the development community and was also an early adopter of both WPF and Silverlight. He believes good business intelligence (BI) architecture is the formula for a successful software package that looks beyond just data and provides insightful information. He is the co-author of the book: Silverlight 5: Building Rich Enterprise Dashboards. You can read his blog at mattduffield.wordpress.com and follow him on Twitter at @mattduffield.

The meeting is sponsored by Signature Consultants.

Signature Consultants was established in 1997 with a singular focus: Provide our clients and consultants with superior staffing solutions. At Signature Consultants, it’s not just about the bottom line; it’s about the people. We focus on the relationships we have with our clients, consultants and candidates. Our motto, “Getting IT Right,” is reflected in every aspect of our company – it guides our decisions and actions and ensures that our consultants and clients always come first. Learn more at www.sigconsult.com.

Downloads: Slides

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Developer Community Newsletter: July Edition

Read the latest Guild news, events, and developer community announcements for July 2014: Introduction to Open XML & Blue Diamond Awards: Developer Community Newsletter: July Edition

July Meeting: Introduction to Open XML

Join us and TEKsystems Tuesday, July 22, at 6:00 PM in the Mt. Kilimanjaro/Mt. Everest rooms of the Charlotte Microsoft Campus. Eric Notheisen will introduce the concepts of Open XML as a standard methodology to interact with Microsoft Office applications. You will discover how easy it is to create Word documents and Excel spreadsheets using Open XML and C#.

The meeting presenter is Eric Notheisen.

Eric Notheisen is an Application Developer/Architect with more than 36 years experience in electronics and computer technology areas. He has been programming Microsoft and .NET for the past 19 years. Eric taught Visual Basic for both the Community College of Aurora in Colorado and has taught Visual Basic and C# for Central Piedmont Community College here in Charlotte. He has been presenting at the Enterprise Developers Guild meetings since 2002 and at their Code Camps since 2005.

The meeting is sponsored by TEKsystems.

By working for TEKsystems you become part of our dedicated Microsoft Technologies Practice. Since its inception our Microsoft Technologies Practice has helped hundreds of Microsoft Specialists to find the most ideal job opportunities in the marketplace. Our program at TEKsystems specializes in the cornerstone technologies of the Microsoft stack – .NET, SQL Server and SharePoint. Our team consists of Delivery Experts, in key market geographies, with ties to the most cutting edge work opportunities.

As a member of the TEKsystems Microsoft Technologies Practice you will have access to a Market Delivery Expert that focuses on Microsoft Technology jobs around the clock in your local region as well as across the US. In some cases you will be afforded the opportunity to become a full time employee of TEKsystems and work as a Microsoft expert on our staff or at our key clients. Be sure to speak with your local TEKsystems contact Lindsey Thomka about our Microsoft Technologies Practice and how it can benefit your career.

People are at the heart of every successful business initiative. At TEKsystems, we understand people. Every year we deploy over 80,000 IT professionals at 6,000 client sites across North America, Europe and Asia. Our deep insights into IT human capital management enable us to help our clients achieve their business goals – while optimizing their IT workforce strategies. We provide IT staffing solutions, IT talent management expertise and IT services to help our clients plan, build and run their critical business initiatives. Through our range of quality-focused delivery models, we meet our clients where they are, and take them where they want to go, the way they want to get there. Learn more at www.teksystems.com.

Downloads: Slides and Code

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Developer Community Newsletter: June Edition

Read the latest Guild news, events, and developer community announcements for June 2014: Publishing Unity Games & Become A Guild Meeting Presenter: Developer Community Newsletter: June Edition

June Meeting: Publishing Unity Games

Join us and Logical Advantage on Tuesday, June 24, at 6:00 PM in the Multi-Purpose Room (MPR) of the Charlotte Microsoft Campus. Ever wonder what it takes to actually publish a Unity video game to the Windows Platform? Ever wonder what the gotchas are, how to do platform interop? Maybe need some tips on shader support? This is the session for you. We will be talking about what it takes to publish a game to Windows 8 Store and Windows Phone 8 Store. This will be a very technical talk.

The meeting presenter is David Crook.

David Crook is a Technical Evangelist with Microsoft. As a Tech Evangelist he works with game development and mobile development communities publishing starter kits, plugins, and runs workshops and seminars around game development for the east coast. His background is in enterprise developer consulting and game development. David enjoys brewing beer and Brazilian jiu jitsu when he isn’t coding. You can read his blog at MSDN Blogs and Indie Dev Spot.

The meeting is sponsored by Logical Advantage.

Logical Advantage is a successful, results-oriented software consulting, application development and integration firm. Founded in 2003 and headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, Logical Advantage enables enterprise excellence through pragmatic software consulting, workforce solutions and proven application development.

Logical Advantage delivers superior and measurable long-term results for its clients. We are a long-term partner and trusted advisor of choice for our clients and deliver full Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) services, from recommending solutions and concepts to implementation to ongoing support. Learn more at www.logicaladvantage.com.

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Developer Community Newsletter: May Edition

Read the latest Guild news, events, and developer community announcements for May 2014: Internet of Things, Call for Speakers, & Girl Develop It Charlotte: Developer Community Newsletter: May Edition

Call for Speakers

Have you ever had the experience of solving a complex programming problem in a unique way?

Have you been playing with some new technology or platform, like Xamarin or AngularJS?

Have you become interested in looking at process as much as product?

Have you thought you might like to share your ideas and solutions with a wider network of developers?

If any of these statements applies to you, the Enterprise Developers Guild wants to hear from you! Your ideas, solutions, and interests could make a great presentation. We all love seeing how others solve problems in new and unique ways.

The Enterprise Developers Guild meets the fourth Tuesday of every month, except December, at the Microsoft Campus in Charlotte, NC. Please contact us if you would like to be a presenter at an upcoming Guild meeting. We have openings throughout the year.

Carolina Code Camp 2014: Inspiration for Developers, by Developers

When it comes to technology, to say change is constant would be an understatement. Change is ever-present. With what seems to be a mass migration to the cloud, paired with the rampant enthusiasm for the Internet of Things (IoT) movement, keeping up the relentless pace of advanced technology seems nearly impossible. But impossible means little to those who carry a deep-rooted passion for field, those like the Enterprise Developers Guild. Read more…

May Meeting: The Internet of Things

Join us and Mindseeker on Tuesday, May 27, at 6:00 PM in the Mt. Kilimanjaro/Mt. Everest rooms of the Charlotte Microsoft Campus. Every day there are more and more devices invented that enhance our lives. The Internet of Things, IoT, is upon us in a big way and more objects are becoming embedded with sensors and gaining the ability to communicate. It is easy to use a microcontroller to collect data and send to the cloud to analyze and make new insights with the data. Our homes, businesses, and cities are all becoming smart.

In this talk you will learn how to leverage your existing .NET skills for the IoT and connect to the physical world! You will learn how to use C# and the .NET micro framework to control Netduino microcontrollers that read sensors and control devices over the network. Additionally you will learn how to use the vision system of the Microsoft Kinect SDK in new and creative ways to control devices from both gestures and speech recognition.

The Internet of Things IoT is one of the latest popular buzz phrases, but has been my passion for three years. Devices that can both sense the environment and communicate become both tools for understanding and also allow you to control it.

My killer IoT projects

  1. Combine with the Microsoft Kinect vision system to allow gestures to control IoT devices
  2. Steer a blimp from a mobile phone
  3. Aim a squirt gun from gestures or from a phone to nail the kids swimming in the pool
  4. Control the garage door
  5. Control watering of our garden
  6. Control the lights at home from the web, audio commands or from gestures
  7. Transmit IR signals to control TV and music from a website
  8. Scare the kids at Halloween with ghost and monsters that are controlled from a mobile app and interact with the kids through the Microsoft Kinect vision system

Microsoft Channel 9 Coding4Fun has featured my projects 6 times. See Microsoft Channel 9’s latest blog post on my project Home Automation with a little help from Netduino, Microsoft Kinect Point Cloud and Speech Recognition: http://channel9.msdn.com/coding4fun/blog/Home-Automation-with-a-little-help-from-Netduino-Microsoft-Kinect-Point-Cloud-and-Speech-Recognition

My articles and videos on the topic have a combined total of nearly 400,000 views and I have all of the code available in open source projects.

The meeting presenter is Dan Thyer.

Dan graduated summa cum laude from North Carolina State University with dual degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering. Dan attended NC State on full scholarship program with General Motors. After working with GM, Dan served as application development director for the largest Microsoft Business Solutions Partner in the Carolinas. During this time, Dan’s team won two Microsoft Pinnacle awards. For the past 11 years, as Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of, Logical Advantage (www.logicaladvantage.com), a software consulting business, Dan has successfully architected and delivered web-based and mobile applications for many Fortune 500 companies. Dan focuses his energies on emerging technologies, and ensuring that all projects are architected to meet the client’s current and future needs. Dan collaborates with his architects to create technical standards, including coding standards, tools, and platforms. He holds a leadership role in the local Microsoft Enterprise Developer’s Guild and has been on the steering committee for over a dozen years.

When Dan is not being CTO, he is building cool stuff and writing articles about it. You can read his blog at Logical Advantage and follow him on Twitter at @logicaldan.

The meeting is sponsored by Mindseeker.

Mindseeker, Inc. is a certified, small business and minority owned Professional Services supplier focused on achieving efficiency and revenue targets for our clients. Headquartered in northern Virginia with regional offices in Charlotte, NC, Seattle, WA, and Pittsburgh, PA we are well-positioned to service most industries and provide top notch resource management solutions. We offer three distinct areas of expertise: IT Consulting, Process Re-engineering, and Financial Programs Delivery. Our Mindseeker Resources and Customers include highly trained and well-recommended IT Managers, Developers, and Program Managers. Learn more at www.mindseeker.com.

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Developer Community Newsletter: April Edition

Read the latest Guild news, events, and developer community announcements for April 2014: CryptoCurrencies, Carolina Code Camp, & Community Calendar: Developer Community Newsletter: April Edition