June Meeting: Windows 8/Phone Mashup Apps

Join us Tuesday, June 25, at 6:00 PM in the Mt. Kilimanjaro/Mt. Everest rooms of the Charlotte Microsoft Campus. The //build conference starts on the 26th. With Windows 8.1 (Blue) preview and corporations beginning to build their own app portals, it’s time to stay ahead of the curve and go hands on. If you haven’t taken the time to dive into Windows 8 development, now’s the time to watch one getting built. We’ll develop a prototype in 10 minutes and a finished app within the hour. Develop your own idea, get it published, and enhance your skillset.

The meeting presenter is Brian Hitney.

Brian Hitney is a Developer Evangelist with Microsoft Corporation focused on cloud computing. He frequently delivers presentations and works with local community groups and customers on emerging technologies, .NET, and developer tools. Prior to his Developer Evangelist role, Brian worked as a software engineer on a Windows team in Redmond, and before he joined Microsoft he helped build large scale e-commerce applications for various companies across the United States. Brian is based out of Greensboro, NC. You can read his blog at www.structuretoobig.com.

The meeting is sponsored by Signature Consultants.

Signature Consultants was established in 1997 with a singular focus: Provide our clients and consultants with superior staffing solutions. At Signature Consultants, it’s not just about the bottom line; it’s about the people. We focus on the relationships we have with our clients, consultants and candidates. Our motto, “Getting IT Right,” is reflected in every aspect of our company – it guides our decisions and actions and ensures that our consultants and clients always come first. Learn more at www.sigconsult.com.

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