March Meeting: .NET Core & The .NET Open Source Framework – The Fundamentals

Join Logical Advantage and us on Tuesday, March 27th, at 6:00 PM in the Redwood Conference Room (formerly named MPR or the Multi-Purpose Room) of the Microsoft Charlotte Office. In last month’s presentation, we learned all about the power and flexibility of ASP.NET Core. This month we will step back and look at the new .NET Ecosystem and the platform that makes ASP.NET Core possible. Join Geoff Gray as he lays out the structure of .NET, including things like the .NET Standard Library, the new .NET platform, and how application models (also called workloads) like ASP.NET Core fit into the overall design.

  • Learn about the differences between Mono and .NET Core.
  • Explore the concept of .NET workloads; including .NET Core console apps, ASP.NET Core, Windows 10 UWP
  • See how the various .NET base implementations (including Xamarin) combine into the .NET Standard Library.
  • Understand how the .NET Foundation is shaping the future of .NET.

If you are a .NET Developer of any kind, this overview contains essential information that will help you future-proof your career.

The meeting presenter is Geoff Gray.

Geoff Gray is a Senior Application Performance Test Consultant and owner of Gray Test Consulting. He has a degree in Computer and Electrical Engineering and extensive experience helping companies in the IT industry improve their applications’ stability, maintainability, and performance while also teaching them how to manage these environments moving forward. He believes in “teaching people how to fish.” He earned much of his experience during his 24+ years working for Microsoft in technical delivery roles.

The meeting sponsor is Logical Advantage.

At Logical Advantage, we offer a suite of customized services to help your organization realize IT success. With our proven methodologies, keen understanding of business operations and an unyielding commitment to quality, we bridge the gap between resources and results. Learn more at

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