March Meeting: .NET Core & The .NET Open Source Framework – The Fundamentals

Join Logical Advantage and us on Tuesday, March 27th, at 6:00 PM in the Redwood Conference Room (formerly named MPR or the Multi-Purpose Room) of the Microsoft Charlotte Office. In last month’s presentation, we learned all about the power and flexibility of ASP.NET Core. This month we will step back and look at the new .NET Ecosystem and the platform that makes ASP.NET Core possible. Join Geoff Gray as he lays out the structure of .NET, including things like the .NET Standard Library, the new .NET platform, and how application models (also called workloads) like ASP.NET Core fit into the overall design.

  • Learn about the differences between Mono and .NET Core.
  • Explore the concept of .NET workloads; including .NET Core console apps, ASP.NET Core, Windows 10 UWP
  • See how the various .NET base implementations (including Xamarin) combine into the .NET Standard Library.
  • Understand how the .NET Foundation is shaping the future of .NET.

If you are a .NET Developer of any kind, this overview contains essential information that will help you future-proof your career.

The meeting presenter is Geoff Gray.

Geoff Gray is a Senior Application Performance Test Consultant and owner of Gray Test Consulting. He has a degree in Computer and Electrical Engineering and extensive experience helping companies in the IT industry improve their applications’ stability, maintainability, and performance while also teaching them how to manage these environments moving forward. He believes in “teaching people how to fish.” He earned much of his experience during his 24+ years working for Microsoft in technical delivery roles.

The meeting sponsor is Logical Advantage.

At Logical Advantage, we offer a suite of customized services to help your organization realize IT success. With our proven methodologies, keen understanding of business operations and an unyielding commitment to quality, we bridge the gap between resources and results. Learn more at

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June Meeting: Test & Attack – The Art, Science, and Myth of Performance Testing

Join LendingTree and us on Tuesday, June 27, at 6:00 PM in the Multi-Purpose Room (MPR) of the Microsoft Charlotte Office. What is involved in performance testing or application optimization testing? What role can a developer play in the load testing phase? For that matter, what exactly is “load” testing and why should you care? What conditions should you wrap around your testing efforts? How did improper requirements almost doom one of the most famous aircraft in United States Military history? In this presentation, Geoff Gray will answer all of these questions and much more. You will learn how Santa Claus was able to reach millions of kids. How a leading audit company was able to keep a 7 TB switch at sustained 35% saturation in a test lab. How Microsoft and 323 Studios teamed up to simulate 2 million kids playing Halo Reach the day it was released. How Walt Disney World was able to keep their buses running from the airport to the Magic Kingdom on schedule. And other tales of testing success.

You will also learn about the ugly side. How a poorly-tested major eCommerce site ended up failing and costing the customer millions of dollars. How changing a single property in a test caused two weeks of results to be thrown out and a major bug in the application exposed. How pre-conceived notions can ruin the best testing efforts. And a few other horrors that you will have to hear to believe.

The meeting presenter is Geoff Gray.

Geoff Gray is a Senior Developer and Performance Test Consultant with more than 24 years of experience with Microsoft. He has a B.S. in Computer and Electrical Engineering and has been working (or playing) with computers since 1979. He has created and taught classes in debugging and load testing and has Microsoft “Ship It” awards for contributing code for Windows 95, IIS 4.0 and Visual Studio 2010. Geoff’s hobbies include sailing, bicycle riding, photography, and scuba diving. Geoff is an active fan of LEGO and is the photo editor for a fan-based magazine called “BrickJournal.” Geoff has a wife of 16 years and two stepsons; one with a degree in mechanical engineering and the other who is an active duty combat medic with the US Army. You can read his blog at

The meeting sponsor is LendingTree.

LendingTree was founded in 1996 by CEO Doug Lebda to help people comparison shop and get a great deal on the single biggest transaction of their lives: their mortgage. Since then, we’ve facilitated over 65 million loan requests, while becoming a household name. Today we do much more than mortgages. We are the #1 online marketplace in the US for consumers to comparison shop for mortgages, personal loans, credit cards, student loans, auto loans and insurance.

Working with LendingTree offers you a chance to work with top Software Engineers in a unique entrepreneurial environment.  We’re a start-up company in a publicly traded suit meaning we can brainstorm exciting new initiatives and have the financial backing to run with them.

No dress code. No clock to punch. No limit on PTO. We hire people with incredible work ethics and let them do their thing. It is our culture for each team member to challenge the status quo, express their opinions, and to stand up, ask for the ball and run with it to meet our aggressive goals and GET STUFF DONE. Learn more and apply today at

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Downloads: Slides

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